Klimaliste Berlin is the political party for a climate positive and socially just Berlin.

On the 26th of September 2021 you can vote us into the Berlin House of Representatives and Berlin’s disctrict parliaments.

Climate justice into parliament

No party takes the necessary actions to limit global heating below 1.5 degrees and stop the progressing climate crisis. That’s why we now need a new progressive power, which takes the activism of the climate movement from the streets into parliament.

Our platform

Safe streets, affordable rents, green spaces, clean energy, a climate just economy and so much more. Climate protection improves everyone’s quality of life.

Together with scientists, experts and local residents we have developed tangible and practical steps towards a climate positive and socially just Berlin. With your vote on the 26th of September we’ll turn put these into action.

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Klimaliste Berlin „on Decks“

Klimaliste Berlin mit eigenem Float bei der World Peace Berlin Parade

Bildung2030 – das Bildungsevent

Wie kann Berlin die eigene Bildungskrise bewältigen? 

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In 8 days you can vote for a climate positive and socially just Berlin.

On 26.09.2021 from 08:00 to 18:00 the polling stations in Berlin are open.