Antonio Rohrßen

Landesliste Platz 2
Networker for Climate Justice and Natural Regeneration
  • Regenerative Energy
  • Participation and Democracy
  • Urban Economy and Economy for the Common Good
  • #autokorrektur

My motivation to run for the Klimaliste Berlin:

Ick will Future! - I want future! If any major city is ready for climate justice, then it surely is Berlin.

But the established parties are moving at a snail’s pace. In this way, we will exceed the 1.5°C limit. With the initiative “Klimanotstand Berlin” I collected support signatures to declare a climate state of emergency and to start documenting emissions. After witnessing the unambitious actions taken by the current R2G senate, it became clear to me: We need to get into parliament ourselves. Only then, we can bring forth consistent transformation towards a society that truly values climate justice before it is too late.

This is what I want for Berlin:

In Berlin, every person, no matter the income, should be able to lead a climate neutral and safe life. Therefore, every economic activity and state action needs to follow economic principles that value the  common good and respect planetary boundaries. Bye bye, luxury renovations - hello, fare-free BVG! This recalibration within one decade is going to be hard work for everybody. I am annoyed that established parties beat around the bush. I want to do things differently  and support  radical transparency and democratic participation. Yes, and cars shall no longer be part of the cityscape by 2030. :)

This is what you should know about me:

The climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis are consequences of destructive structures that have created an increasingly unequal society.  The current system discriminates against persons in racist and sexist ways and reduces people to their labourers and consumers. These structures need to be changed. At best, technological pro forma solutions buy us a bit of extra time. 

But to me, reshaping this underlying mindset is the basis for true climate justice.