Christian Welzbacher

Landesliste Platz 12
BVV Neukölln Platz 6
  • Urban development/building, housing,
  • Transport
  • Culture/Media
  • Education/Social and Family
  • Economy/History and History Policy

Change: Together NOW!

Let's take change from the streets to the parliaments: Berlin needs a complete makeover. People want to contribute to the transformation of the city and society. They have long known that climate protection makes people happy and creates jobs. Together with all Berliners, I want to show that this is possible!

My vision: All of Berlin becomes a park.

Let's drill some thick boards: Solve housing and rent problems; include climate protection in the state constitution; reform administrative and district systems; massively expand citizen participation; cooperate with Brandenburg; launch an educational offensive at schools and universities; transform the economy, construction, transportation, and nutrition; strengthen the social participation of all disadvantaged people.

My vision: Berlin is colorful - and takes responsibility for the climate in an exemplary way for the global North.

Let us learn from each other: I am curious about the unknown, appreciate constructive exchange, love to do things differently and love to laugh at myself.

My vision: Think out of the box and talk to me. overturn all conditions in which man is a degraded, a subjugated, an abandoned, a contemptible being.

More about me in my writings:

Bobby. Requiem for a gorilla. Berlin 2019

Iran. Ordibehescht 1396. travel images. Berlin 2018

Europe's Mosques. Islamic architecture on the move. Berlin 2017

Monuments of Power. A political architectural history of Germany. Berlin 2016

Bunkers... Expeditions to the zero point of modernity. Berlin 2014

The radical fool of capital. Jeremy Bentham. Berlin 2011

Edwin Redslob. Biography of an incorrigible idealist. Berlin 2009