Gesa Müller-Schulz

Landesliste Platz 3
BVV Pankow Platz 3
Founder DFA, Project lead Cabiner
  • Create a green and liveable Berlin for everybody
  • Urban planning
  • transportation policy

 My motivation to run for the Klimaliste Berlin:

I have been working in politics for a long time and gathered valuable experience. I think that we have the potential to steer our society towards a positive direction through political change. Therefore, bringing my personal and professional experience to the table seems to be the next logical step.

This is what I want for Berlin:

Why are urban and rural areas thought of separately? This dichotomy stands in contrast to  the desires of many people living in the city. People are longing for green, natural spaces, and silence. It is on us to fulfill these desires through political action, because we are the city’s inhabitants. Everything surrounding us has once only existed as a political idea of another person. We can do better. 

This is what you should know about me:

A friend of mine, Mareike, and I have founded the online platform “Deutschland forstet auf gUG” (“Germany reforests”). Here, people who want to actively do something for the climate and our forests can find a community of like-minded people.. I have two children, am married and live in Prenzlauer Berg. I left the SPD after my personal climate crisis.