Irmelin Beringer

BVV Mitte Platz 3
Family therapist, theatre pedagogue
  • Education
  • Urban development
  • Participation

My motivation to run for the Klimaliste Berlin:

It is high time to turn the wheel, to put all our efforts into renewable energies, to overhaul the economic system and to integrate it into a cycle that enables all people to live a dignified and valuable life. For this we need more education and awareness for what we really need. I want to advocate for communication, ingenuity, sustainable investment, in short, for society, health and enjoyment, for the urgency to change course.

This is want I want for Berlin:

Popularising rethinking, achieving a colourful, affordable Berlin, opportunities for participation and a sense of responsibility, less waste, more green, better schools, innovative social projects, transparency, dancing by - and swimming in - the Spree.

This is what you should know about me:

When I am convinced of something, I can develop a lot of energy and imagination to work for it. I believe in the potential of communities, in democratic processes and in goodness. My sense of justice and possibility is quite strong. I have co-initiated several community projects, Krausnickpark e.V., Kinderladen, Hausprojekt auf dem Land, am a member of Flussbad Berlin, fought for the Monbijoubad, for the construction of a state school and narrowly prevented the construction of a new office building in Krausnickpark in the BVV. That was a political lesson for me, which showed me that it is worth fighting.