Julia Stark

BVV Tempelhof-Schöneberg Platz 1
Communication expert
  • Verkehrswende
  • Ernährungswende
  • Nachhaltige Ökonomie

My motivation to run for the Klimaliste Berlin:

Berlin must become a socially and climate-just city and I would like to make a contribution to this in my district. The goal of a liveable, green city should become reality in the foreseeable future and offer everyone a place to live!

This is want I want for Berlin:

Redistribution of urban space: more consumption-free places for every age group and green spaces, as well as affordable public transport and safe cycle paths.

Promoting sustainable businesses and ideas, especially in the area of regional food.

This is what you should know about me:

I have lived in Berlin for 16 years, have lived in many neighbourhoods and have found a home in Schöneberg. I am a mum and a board member of a kindergarten with 45 children. I am a gardener in the nature-oriented colony Wildkraut e.V.