Kathrin Lehmann

Landesliste Platz 3
BVV Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Platz 1
Student of Political Science
  • Ecologically and socially just transformation
  • Equality
  • Anti-racism
  • Solidarity

My motivation to run for the Klimaliste Berlin:

Taking to the streets and engaging in civil disobedience is no longer enough - the voices of the climate justice movement must reach the parliaments!. Therefore, the next logical step following my previous climate activism is running for the Klimaliste Berlin. This is how I hope to contribute effectively to the climate movement.

This is what I would like to achieve in Berlin:

My vision of Berlin: many spaces free of consumption (Ebay Kleinanzeigen!!), extensivecar-free zones, no neon signs, rooftop gardens and a variety of parks , with thriving flora and fauna, filled with laughing people who are just taking a stroll.

This is what you should know about me:

As a person often privileged by an unjust system, I want Klimaliste Berlin to focus on the well-being of all people in Berlin and make sure that the beautiful sides of Berlin are preserved.  Pressing ecological as well as social challenges are to be solved with the global impacts kept in mind.