Marit Schatzmann

Landesliste Platz 9
BVV Treptow-Köpenick Platz 3
German as a foreign language teacher, master student for spanish & philosophy with the objective of becoming a teacher
  • Education / School
  • Climate justice and solidarity
  • Climate communication

My motivation to run for the Klimaliste Berlin:

We, the climate justice movement, are pointing out the dramatic state of our climate  whose real, physical consequences will affect EVERYONE. Meanwhile, the structural power of the status quo, fossil fuel lobbying and pitfalls of the party system lack the necessary honesty in their political discourse. Let's no longer ignore  the many voices that have understood the current state of the climate crisis and press for the necessary change - as an innovative Party, we are giving impulses and examples so that the entire political landscape will have to take an ecological direction. This ideological shift will not happen from within the party system itself. We can and must all be more confident (to have the courage to change) - and for me, this is where  actual, authentic/honest optimism lies.

This is what I would like to achieve in Berlin:

Framing the climate crisis as a crisis of honesty and communication and bringing it directly up in negotiations- 1.5° is already a compromise and non-negotiable. This position IS ABSENT. Addressing decades of avoided/repressed disputes/inequities courageously. Putting fingers on evading responsibility and inconvenient truths; questioning the concept of “growth”. Discussing colonial legacies and the FUTURE  at school. Fair to the magnitude and always also political Empowerment already starting at school. Connecting one’s footprint with one’s handprint (joint action on infrastructure). Design instead of disaster; transforming Berlin into an example that demonstrates what a fair share in a major city of the global north can look like in specific terms - and how beautiful it will be. Child-friendly city: cycling while inhaling exhaust fumes and fearing for my one-year-old son’s safety - that will be SUCH  A THING of the past!

This is what you should know about me:

Since 2015 I have organized climate education workshops at schools via BUNDjugend with a lot of heart. Then I have engaged in activism starting in 2019 (public relations at Extinction Rebellion, also feeling at home with Parents4future). Direct structural design as a 3rd step.

I do not appreciate populist, profiling/bashing rhetoric. I consider that we humans have fundamentally more needs and are more vulnerable than we are used to expressing - we are also very worthy of love and preservation, for sure. 

Part of the system that has brought us to this point include: people who don't understand each other. I am for constructivity and peaceful sincerity. For well-placed anger, against aggressiveness as an end in itself.