Climate justice
into parliament

The election 2023 is the last one we have to stop the progressing climate catastrophe as we’re experiencing it these days in Germany and many other places in the world.

No party does what is necessary to limit global heating below 1.5 degrees. That’s why we need a new progressive power, which makes Berlin climate positive by 2030 using socially just climate politics based on science.

We are part of the Berlin 2030 Klimaneutral alliance and together we are moving Berlin's climate policy forward!

Yes! for the referendum

Why vote for Klimaliste?

Climate protection on every day’s agenda

The 1.5 degree limit is not negotiable for us. We will make sure that climate justice will be taken into account in every decision, which will result in more climate protection within the parliament and thus in Berlin.

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Climate politics based on science

Together with scientists and experts, we calculated the remaining CO2-budget for Berlin and evaluated the most effective actions. The result is our climate plan.

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500 tangible actions for a climate positive and socially just Berlin. Developed by local residents and experts.

Stop talking, start acting

We don’t have time anymore to be blocked and slowed down by the structures of established parties. We are the new political power that brings climate activism from the streets into parliament.

I vote for Klimaliste!

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Our issues

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Berlin city centre becomes pedestrian zone

By 2030 we’ll make Berlin’s residential areas widely car-free. For safe streets, clean air and room for connections.

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New bike lanes also after corona

365 km new protected bicycle lanes per year so that everyone arrives fast and safe.

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4 day work week for everyone

We will introduce 52 new holidays so we can stop burning out in a society of abundance.

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Ending displacement

We will give housing stock of large real estate corporations back into municipal hands. That’s how we can best realize energy-efficient renovation and make rents affordable again.

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New focus for our economy

Byebye BIP. Hello common good. Together with Berliners, we will develop new standards which will respect our planetary and social boundaries.

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Lots of parks instead of parking lots

Every year we will convert 10% of parking lots and make space for gardens, cafes and so much more.

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FREIDAY for self-determined learning

All students will get 1 day per week to develop positive ideas for a future-proof world rather than working through dusty curriculums.

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Clean energy from and for Berliners

For 100% clean energy we will invest a minimum of 8 billion euros by 2030 and involve citizens via fonds. 

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More climate justice

Take a look into our election platform

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