The climate plan for Berlin

Our climate plan was written over the course of a year by more than a hundred volunteers, who researched, discussed solutions and interviewed experts.

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The climate plan is an offer to the Berlin city population to deal with the inevitable transformation of our society. The climate crisis and related ecological crises around the world force us to realise: things cannot go on as they have been. And yet, far from despairing, we should be inspired. Because the solutions to the crises exist and they are known to us. We just need courageous and motivated people to realise them.

The authors of this plan do not claim perfection, the absence of alternatives or the inevitability of this plan. Rather, we want it to be understood as a path that respects and protects our future in Berlin and the foundations of life worldwide. A path that we can recommend with a clear conscience. Not an easy path - but one that we are prepared to take. Because the window of opportunity for timely solutions is rapidly shrinking. And because we want to create justice for future generations, for people worldwide and for the great ecosystems of this planet not just theoretical, but practical. 

In this document, we will show why Berlin needs a climate justice plan, why today's actions are not nearly enough, what our city could look like if we act ambitiously now - and what we need to implement to get there.

Our climate plan has 300 pages. In case you don’t have that much time or would like to get a first impression, we created a short version which outlines the most important ideas and approaches on just 10 pages.

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Presentation of the climate plan

On May 7, we published our climate plan. Take a look at how we will make Berlin climate-positive together with you.

Shape the plan with us

Our climate plan is not intended to be complete, perfect or finished. It’s a living document that will continue to be developed, discussed and improved. You are invited to shape it with us. Read it, analyze it, share it and send us your feedback! We are looking forward to your comments, suggestions and participation to make it the best possible plan for a Berlin worth living in.

Make our climate plan reality

Your donation will help us carry the vision of a climate-positive and socially just Berlin into the House of Representatives. Thank you for your support!