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Election platform 2021 Chapter 1


The earth is our home - Berlin is our project of heart. Together with you, we will turn the capital into a model city we can be proud of: Berlin will be climate positive and socially just.

We are already in the middle of shaping it, together with the citizens of this city - together with you. We are taking responsibility and will therefore become a climate-friendly zero-emission city as early as 2030. Gardens and public green spaces will characterize the cityscape, and the whole of Berlin will become a park. Our neighborhoods will once again be places for everyone to live and meet each other. Energy is generated locally in a renewable way and used efficiently. Our local economy is oriented to the social needs of the people in the city. It respects planetary boundaries, conserves raw materials, and reduces consumption. Circular processes, neighborhood stores and cultural institutions are more important to us than economic growth. Together we are radically redesigning the city: for us people, for our environment, for our well-being.

Listen to science and act accordingly!

Berlin policymakers will listen to independent science on climate and health from now on - that's our promise. A CO2 budget shows us exactly how ambitiously we need to avoid emissions in order to stay within the 1.5°C limit. And the Senate is committed to it! Because we are establishing transparent targets and monitoring at all levels of the administration. An Energy Transition Control Committee in the Senate Chancellery will ensure that the objectives are implemented smoothly, cost-efficiently and on time. Blockages and administrative ping-pong will thus be a thing of the past. This is how 100 % renewable energy by 2030 will happen! Avoiding the climate catastrophe is too important a task to be allowed to stagnate as it has been in the past. With partners like Brandenburg, we will work more closely together than ever before. And our economy will finally become a courageous role model for anyone.

Ick will Future - I want future!

Climate protection means demanding justice, promoting new opportunities and living sustainably. In Berlin, we citizens are taking the helm into our own hands. The active participation of citizens' councils, whose decisions are politically binding, gives our democracy a contemporary update. We are transferring infrastructure and public services back to public control. We want to overcome barriers to innovation such as the debt brake. Because now and in this legislature is the time to invest in the future. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations. The striking climate justice movement reminds us of that every Friday. The whole city should join their demands in solidarity! This also means that we must put an end to the imperatives of consumption and growth. Instead of the destructive "faster, higher, further" of senseless turbo-capitalism, we finally dedicate ourselves to "closer, more human, more livable".

Ecocide is a crime

"Thanks mommy, thanks daddy" is what our children will say when we leave them a buzzing, humming planet with insects, corals and other creatures. Anyone who knowingly endangers or destroys ecosystems will therefore have to deal with the law in the future. We are fighting for a very far-reaching ecocide law that prosecutes environmental crimes.

Donut with currywurst

At the same time, we support all stakeholders who are committed to sustainable and climate-friendly business practices. The donut economy offers an excellent framework for this: because it places the well-being of people and the protection of the planet at the center of all considerations and actions. Let's make the donut the new currywurst! With the participation of the citizens, we take the ideas for a fair economy of the 21st century into the neighborhoods. And we keep the big picture in mind.

The needs of Berliners are considered together with those of other people, living beings and ecosystems near and far. Armed conflict is incompatible with climate protection. For this reason, we are also committed to disarmament and an active peace policy. Conflicts must be solved without violence - in our city as well as internationally. We reject the production and export of so-called armaments.

Berlin only thrives with tolerance

All people in Berlin must finally have the same opportunities. However, this is hardly possible in a society where racism and anti-Semitism are deeply rooted and discrimination is omnipresent. Only if we acknowledge that we live in a white dominated society where the voices of non-white people and minorities are not equally heard, there is room for dialogue and a change of structures. We fight for a tolerant, plural city of radical diversity with participatory democratic structures in a sensitized administration, discrimination-free educational institutions, as well as police structures that take proactive measures against internal racist practices and punish them. Only when sexual identity and orientation, faith, origin and appearance, disabilities, age and social status are accepted in all their diversity can our urban society be truly inclusive and just. We call on all people and especially decision-makers to question their own privileges and actively dismantle prejudices. We work towards the abolition of discriminatory legislation.

We will fight fascist tendencies and parties everywhere. Conspiracy myths must be actively debunked with education and exchange. The Klimaliste Berlin sees anti-fascist organizations and movements as important allies in the fight against fascist violence in the city. We are an anti-fascist working party that focuses on non-violent, democratic dispute. Disrespect for human beings is not to be done with us. Furthermore, we recognize violence by police officers as a problem and consequently prevent the militarization and expansion of the police's powers and instead strive for a comprehensive restructuring of the apparatus. Victim protection takes precedence in all issues and the affected person's perspective is included in our political decisions.

We are aware that we have not yet sufficiently covered Berlin's diversity in our party. With self-criticism and reflection on the privileges of our members and internal party training on discriminatory structures, we want to shape our structures so that people from all communities feel welcome.

1 election program is not enough

Planning for the future means shaping far-sightedly with a steady hand. Unlike other parties, we don't think in terms of legislative periods, but in terms of generations. That's why we have written a climate plan for Berlin that shows a path to a fair, CO2-neutral city on a scientific basis. Let's work together to supplement and expand this climate plan. Let's listen to the needs of all Berliners and find powerful solutions to our challenges. Let's unite behind the science to address the climate crisis in a safe and healthy way. We have a vision for the future of this city - and a passionate desire to make it happen. Together with you. Are you ready to help shape your future?

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