Our election platform for Berlin

The platform explains how we can turn Berlin into a climate positive city by 2030 in a socially just way. To implement it, we need your vote in the elections on September 26, 2021.

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Chapter 4: Strengthen Berlin – Power to the People

Digital-sustainable model city

We see the comprehensive digitization of the economy and society as an opportunity to make our coexistence more inclusive, social and sustainable. To this end, we are tackling key challenges that have so far been completely ignored in political Berlin. By establishing a free and open WLAN network within the S-Bahn ring, we are curbing the double network expansion (mobile and wired). This will create a socially just, municipalized broadband Internet supply throughout the city. We are creating independence from the (market) interests of non-European players with data protection-oriented and energy-efficient data centers. And we are committed to realizing a digital self-sovereign identity (SSI) for citizens.

Existing and newly planned data centers are directly integrated into the city's heat cycle. In this way, we use waste heat and reduce energy consumption. We implement close monitoring of the rebound effects of digitization measures and promote the acquisition and operation of digital end devices from the most sustainable production possible. The purchase of remanufactured devices is preferable to buying new ones. Berlin companies should regularly provide information on the energy efficiency of their products and services and on the degree of their "dematerialization," i.e., their dependence on physical products such as paper or fossil resources. In addition, we want to investigate ways in which Berlin's businesses can transparently and fairly measure their efforts toward climate-positive business practices and how the state can appropriately value and promote these efforts. We position ourselves against any form of (increasingly energy-hungry) surveillance technology and data retention. We vehemently oppose the introduction of such measures.

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Chapter 5: Bringing Berlin together

Fighting discrimination in schools!

We are creating a functioning anti-discrimination office for the school sector, in which the perspective of those affected is in the foreground and which also has the necessary decision-making and instructional powers. Every teacher must participate in anti-racism and anti-discrimination training, supplemented by voluntary in-depth training and networking opportunities. The topic plays a cross-curricular role and is therefore integrated into the curricula accordingly and provided with working aids that are entered into the aforementioned interactive platform.

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Chapter 6: Berlin radically new

Last but not least: We remain activists!

Experience has shown: our policies are only as good as the civil society that drives them. We are part of the climate justice movement. We see ourselves as a mouthpiece for every initiative, every association and every alliance that works for climate justice, for the transport and energy transition and for a peaceful, social and livable Berlin. Let's get into conversation with each other.

Let's build a strong community for climate and civic participation. Let's bring radical humanity to Berlin's parliaments and cast social change into law. And let's stay active and continue to fight on the streets for the climate-positive transformation of our city. Join the movement! Berlin needs you!

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Our climate plan

In addition to our election program, we are the only party with an extensive climate plan. On more than 300 pages it combines scientific research with tangible actions to realize Berlin’s transformation into a climate positive city in the next 9 years.

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Make history

Are you a scientist or an expert? We got into politics, because we believe it’s time politicians start to act on scientific facts. We want and need your help to take the climate plan even further. Send us your feedback and contribute directly to expand it.

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