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The platform explains how we can turn Berlin into a climate positive city by 2030 in a socially just way. To implement it, we need your vote in the elections on September 26, 2021.

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Chapter 1: Inspire Berlin!


The earth is our home - Berlin is our project of heart. Together with you, we will turn the capital into a model city we can be proud of: Berlin will be climate positive and socially just.

We are already in the middle of shaping it, together with the citizens of this city - together with you. We are taking responsibility and will therefore become a climate-friendly zero-emission city as early as 2030. Gardens and public green spaces will characterize the cityscape, and the whole of Berlin will become a park. Our neighborhoods will once again be places for everyone to live and meet each other. Energy is generated locally in a renewable way and used efficiently. Our local economy is oriented to the social needs of the people in the city. It respects planetary boundaries, conserves raw materials, and reduces consumption. Circular processes, neighborhood stores and cultural institutions are more important to us than economic growth. Together we are radically redesigning the city: for us people, for our environment, for our well-being.

Listen to science and act accordingly!

Berlin policymakers will listen to independent science on climate and health from now on - that's our promise. A CO2 budget shows us exactly how ambitiously we need to avoid emissions in order to stay within the 1.5°C limit. And the Senate is committed to it! Because we are establishing transparent targets and monitoring at all levels of the administration. An Energy Transition Control Committee in the Senate Chancellery will ensure that the objectives are implemented smoothly, cost-efficiently and on time. Blockages and administrative ping-pong will thus be a thing of the past. This is how 100 % renewable energy by 2030 will happen! Avoiding the climate catastrophe is too important a task to be allowed to stagnate as it has been in the past. With partners like Brandenburg, we will work more closely together than ever before. And our economy will finally become a courageous role model for anyone.

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Chapter 2: Fair changes for Berlin

Transition towards 100 % Renewable

With us, Berlin is committed to self-sufficiency with 100 % renewable energy. The Senate's hesitation so far has delayed the implementation of the energy transition. This results in higher costs for us and future generations. We are changing this: with a holistic planning approach, coordinated administrative structures, a discourse involving society as a whole, and regional and supraregional cooperation. We have no time to lose. Because our remaining CO2 budget is getting smaller every day.

Berlin has good energy

We are creating the proper framework for 100% renewable electricity in 2030 and 100% renewable heat by 2035 at the latest. Since Berlin is not allowed to produce any net emissions for the 1.5° limit from 2030 onwards, we will recapture emissions locally in the transition years, relying on natural processes and sinks such as forests, meadows and moorlands. Fossil fuels must be replaced as soon as possible. This issue of climate justice is our top priority. Therefore, immediately after the election, we will have the most promising renewable heat potentials in the city independently analysed and immediately initiate implementation. In doing so, rapid and efficient realisation will take precedence over commercial interests. High hopes for green hydrogen must not become a reason for continuing to burn fossil natural gas or dirty hydrogen, considering the alternatives that are already available today. Dependence ("lock-in") on such uncertain energy sources must be avoided at all costs.

Energy transition from the bottom

The energy transition is a task for society as a whole. Everyone should be able to participate and benefit equally. Bans and obligations alone are not nearly enough. We know: Decentralised renewable energies are the chance for a fundamental shift away from an undemocratic, profit-oriented and climate-damaging energy supply as we have it today. That is why we consistently give people living in Berlin the opportunity to get involved in the planning, financing, implementation and operation of energy transition projects through participation. In addition, we actively approach people so that they can take advantage of this opportunity across all levels of society.

You become an electricity supplier

The production of heat and electricity from renewable energies offers the chance for a fundamental democratisation of tomorrow's energy supply. By 2030, we want to generate solar energy on every rooftop in Berlin together with all Berliners. Solar energy promotion and mandatory photovoltaic installation through appropriate legal regulations for new and existing buildings in all sectors are core goals for us. In particular, we want to support tenant electricity projects and completely dismantle the previous financial disadvantages and complicated approval procedures. In addition, we promote the cooperative and private-sector upgrading of new areas for photovoltaics, for example in industrial zones or on commercial and military wasteland.

Strengthening the municipal energy utility and citizens' energy

A strong municipal energy utility is the best prerequisite for the direct participation of citizens in Berlin's energy transition. We will develop the municipal energy utility into a central and competent partner for cooperative, private and public energy transition projects. Berlin's economy will also benefit from this. The further required energy infrastructure is to be completely transferred back to municipal self-administration with a serious intention to offer the participation of the citizens of Berlin.

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Chapter 3: Berlin mobilizes – car-free

Zero-emission rides

In addition to reducing and shifting car traffic, we are electrifying mobility. By 2030, the whole of Berlin will gradually become a zero-emission city. Only vehicles with zero-emission drives will be allowed in the city. Regrettably, internal combustion vehicles will have to stay outside. We will ensure that an appropriate charging infrastructure is in place - for all vehicles. The public administration is setting a good example by converting its fleet completely to electric vehicles by 2030. Every new acquisition must already be electric today. BVG will also be fully electric by 2030.

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Chapter 4: Strengthen Berlin – Power to the People

Act local, think connected

We need to think outside the box. Berlin's climate-friendly urban redevelopment needs numerous new collaborations. Brandenburg is at the top of the list. Businesses and institutions based there will be invited at all levels to participate in Berlin's energy transition. Berlin and Brandenburg are already linked by a close partnership at the administrative level. Other sectors are to follow: Food, transportation, industry, education, urban and regional development, recreation, environmental protection, water, air - but also political administration. This new symbiosis will become a model for further partnerships. With neighboring EU countries and other pioneers of climate protection, we are exchanging experiences and jointly developing sustainable ideas. Because progress only succeeds through dialog.

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Chapter 5: Bringing Berlin together

No waste of food

Grocery stores and restaurants will no longer throw away their leftover food. They will be required to donate it or make it freely available to the public. This can be made possible through donations to the food bank, through so-called fair share distributors, or by legalizing dumpster diving through federal law.

To tackle the problem at its root, the overproduction of food will be successively reduced. To this end, we are promoting the direct supply of food to end consumers from farms in Brandenburg.

A climate-friendly healthcare system

The pandemic has shown that we need a different health and care system: privatized structures are inefficient. Profit orientation leads to chaos. Instead, the people who work in the healthcare system need to be strengthened: We want to make shorter working hours, more vacation, secure employment and significantly higher pay through nationwide collective agreements the standard. Medicines and vaccines must become a global commons, since globally spread diseases can only be defeated globally. We advocate that medicines and vaccines can no longer be patented and that their production is instead freely and publicly documented. What is paid for by the public must also belong to everyone.

Here, too, emissions must be consistently reduced. This applies to the energy supply of all buildings, the mobility of the healthcare sector and the production of medicines. We want to make hospitals energy-autonomous. Drive ambulances electrically. The expansion of virtual consultation hours and meetings will be advanced. People with disabilities will be actively supported instead of additionally hindered by bureaucratic defenses and delays. They will be offered assistive devices and driving opportunities free of charge and without limits.

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Chapter 6: Berlin radically new

Last but not least: We remain activists!

Experience has shown: our policies are only as good as the civil society that drives them. We are part of the climate justice movement. We see ourselves as a mouthpiece for every initiative, every association and every alliance that works for climate justice, for the transport and energy transition and for a peaceful, social and livable Berlin. Let's get into conversation with each other.

Let's build a strong community for climate and civic participation. Let's bring radical humanity to Berlin's parliaments and cast social change into law. And let's stay active and continue to fight on the streets for the climate-positive transformation of our city. Join the movement! Berlin needs you!

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Our climate plan

In addition to our election program, we are the only party with an extensive climate plan. On more than 300 pages it combines scientific research with tangible actions to realize Berlin’s transformation into a climate positive city in the next 9 years.

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Make history

Are you a scientist or an expert? We got into politics, because we believe it’s time politicians start to act on scientific facts. We want and need your help to take the climate plan even further. Send us your feedback and contribute directly to expand it.

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