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The platform explains how we can turn Berlin into a climate positive city by 2030 in a socially just way. To implement it, we need your vote in the elections on September 26, 2021.

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Chapter 5: Bringing Berlin together

Sustainable school - radically diverse, equitable and climate positive.

The budget for the school sector must be massively increased. In addition to funding our proposed measures and implementing a comprehensive recruitment offensive, schools will be given their own budgets at their own disposal so that they can initiate experiments and model projects themselves.

We are advocating participatory school design. Climate, global climate justice, anti-racism, coming to terms with colonialism and local and global power and exploitation structures, critical economics, nutrition and conscious consumption will be firmly anchored as topics.

In addition, a re-examination of the shortfalls in climate policy will take place in the school, also in order to prevent intergenerational conflicts. The focus, however, is on the development and implementation of positive ideas for a sustainable Berlin! Our proposal for this: Pupils should spend a fixed day in the school week working on their own projects across all subjects and grades; teachers should provide support as needed. The "FREI DAY" concept of the initiative Schule im Aufbruch (school on the move) can be a model. The projects are supplemented by activities such as gardening, cooking together, visits to businesses and local projects, and discussions with scientists and transformation agents. In this way, social change can be experienced and grasped in a concrete way, and creativity is encouraged.

The Senate Administration produces material prepared by experts available on a central, low-threshold and interactive platform. Suggestions are also collected here on how climate-relevant topics can be given more space in the lessons of all subjects. The offer is supported by a permanent, interdisciplinary team of educationally relevant professional groups (e.g. craftsmen, artists, but also therapists), who provide individual developmental support and thus contribute to equal opportunities.

Last but not least, we will use all of the above-mentioned measures to alleviate the general pressure on the school system and all those involved in order to develop comprehensive time and space for personal development, community togetherness and team understanding. To implement these measures, we will provide teachers with the necessary time off during their working hours. In the future, classes will officially begin at 9 a.m., but doors will be opened earlier and care and individual support will be provided as needed.

Good food for everyone

Balanced nutrition is the basis for a healthy life. This begins with the production of food: regenerative, organic and regional for all we want to make the standard. Berlin and Brandenburg are self-sufficient together. In the city, permaculture gardens at public institutions and urban gardening are particularly suitable for this. The use of herbicides and pesticides is prohibited - even in allotment gardens. We further promote biodiversity by planting at least 25% of all green spaces in an insect-friendly way.

Veggie Day every day

In public canteens, in the provision of meals on wheels, in the kitchens of schools and universities, healthy meals of regional, organic and, if possible, regenerative agriculture are offered, which are produced in a socially just manner. From 2025, only animal-free meals will be served in publicly financed institutions, as this will massively reduce emissions and environmental pollution. We also want to ensure that sugar is taxed more heavily and dosed appropriately in our food. In ten years, plant-based menus will be a matter of course throughout Berlin. And until then, plant-based meals will always be cheaper than animal-based alternatives.

The dignity of animals is inviolable

Animals are sentient beings. Every animal has its dignity, which we are obliged to respect. A society in harmony with nature must develop a new relationship with our fellow beings. In the sense of climate justice, which should go hand in hand with social justice, we position ourselves against any form of discrimination, this also includes discrimination against animals and speciesism. We advocate an immediate end to factory farming and demand that animals should not be subjected to torture under any circumstances. Therefore, we will legislate more extensive animal rights and control their application far more than is currently the case. Within these laws, animals shall be recognized as individuals and no longer just as products. Animal experiments will become superfluous in the long term by supporting new research methods. Profit interests must never be at the expense of animal welfare.

Food for thought

Staff in canteens and school kitchens receive professional training based on the latest knowledge and are supported by nutritionists. We ensure that the meals offered are healthy, varied and tasty. The menus also stimulate the desire to experiment at home. Comprehensive nutrition education provides a better awareness of what food is good for one's well-being and health. We want to abolish our current food pyramid, which is influenced by food corporations. New guidelines should be based on current independent research. We will also address the consequences for the local and global environment, the actual production costs of subsidized food, and the working conditions in agriculture. If we know how our food is produced, we can better appreciate it.

In order to fully educate and sensitize the Berlin population about all the interrelationships of their food, the issue of speciesism will also be clearly named and integrated into school education, among other things. Today's economic system, in which animals are seen as mere means of production, will be openly and critically questioned. All factors and connections that have led to and contributed to today's system, which exploits animals, humans and the environment, should be clearly named and pointed out.

Nutrition education is a matter for schools

Teachers and students learn more about "our daily bread" in training courses. A school subject dedicated to the relationship between "climate, nutrition and health" becomes part of the curriculum, supplemented by practical cooking exercises and lessons in the school's own garden. The students will also disseminate their findings to the general public. Appropriate training will also be mandatory for medical staff, since medical professionals and employees in hospitals and therapy facilities are also important multipliers.

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Chapter 6: Berlin radically new

Last but not least: We remain activists!

Experience has shown: our policies are only as good as the civil society that drives them. We are part of the climate justice movement. We see ourselves as a mouthpiece for every initiative, every association and every alliance that works for climate justice, for the transport and energy transition and for a peaceful, social and livable Berlin. Let's get into conversation with each other.

Let's build a strong community for climate and civic participation. Let's bring radical humanity to Berlin's parliaments and cast social change into law. And let's stay active and continue to fight on the streets for the climate-positive transformation of our city. Join the movement! Berlin needs you!

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Our climate plan

In addition to our election program, we are the only party with an extensive climate plan. On more than 300 pages it combines scientific research with tangible actions to realize Berlin’s transformation into a climate positive city in the next 9 years.

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Make history

Are you a scientist or an expert? We got into politics, because we believe it’s time politicians start to act on scientific facts. We want and need your help to take the climate plan even further. Send us your feedback and contribute directly to expand it.

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